How to Source Content for Instagram

Sourcing content for Instagram is the fun part of running an Instagram page. But before sourcing and creating content, there are a few things you need to do.

The first step is to look into your main ‘competitor’ accounts. By 'competitor', I mean accounts that post similar content to what you would like to post and already have a large following in your niche.

Do a full-blown audit of the type of content they are publishing. 

Who are these accounts you are trying to emulate? What are they posting? How often do they post? Do they have a set format for their content? Why do you love their content? How do their fans engage with their content? Do they share it or tag friends in it?

What categories of images are they posting? What are they doing good, what are they doing bad? What type of content is getting the most engagement? What can you do better?

Consider it almost like a swot analysis on your competitors Instagram. This will set you apart from every other brand or person who tries to start an Instagram account. You will actually understand the landscape of your competitors and the niche you are operating in - and when you are sourcing instagram content you will be able to clearly identify what type of content you are looking for. 

Next - you need to think about how you can put your own unique spin on this type of content when you are creating it yourself. 

Bare in mind that it could be the type of pictures and content you post that differentiates you from these other accounts. It could be the layout, the captions or even the theme. Anything really. But it is good to be aware of what others are posting and being able to identify what makes those accounts successful, and of course, putting your own unique twist on it. 

The best Instagram content is original instagram content. There are multiple tools available for creating original content. The best content is the content that you create yourself, as it’s unique to your page. There are many tools and websites that allow you to edit and format pictures you have taken, as well as create beautiful and shareable content.

If you run a motivational Instagram page, you would want to create your own motivational posts. If you run a makeup business you would want to post before and after shots of your clients. If you run a photography Instagram you would want to post your photo.

Be sure to watermark all original content with your Instagram handle, so people know what the original source of this content is, and if they want more of it they can come to you. This is a great marketing tool if you want to drive potential followers back to your page if others have reposted your photos.

You can utilize your brand's logo in the photo, however, this could become too messy and draw attention away from the actual photo, plus without the handle, people will still not know where to find you. Keep it simple.

If you prefer to source content, there are multiple places to source good Instagram content. These could be other Instagram's, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook.

One tactic we use for sourcing great Instagram content is to follow a bunch of hashtags that people use when posting that particular type of content. Another way is to set up a dummy account and follow 100-500 accounts that post great content. That way, whenever you need to source Instagram content, you just log into that account, find the photo you want to post, screenshot and upload.

However be sure to always give credit where it is due. If you take an image from another account and repost it onto your page a simple “source: @xyzxyz” goes a long way to building relationships with other pages. You may also find that many of these pages will follow you and repost your content.

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