Instagram Niches

Find Your Instagram Niche

Strap yourself in because this is a long read. We're going to be talking about finding your niche on Instagram. 


Our good friends at Google define niche by the following: 

"denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population."

How does this relate to Instagram? Well, the people who follow your account will be those who fall into the niche that your brand satisfies. Understanding what niche your brand sits in, will open up a number of different possibilities for things like content creation, follower engagement, and general growth. 

To put it frankly - people will follow an Instagram account if it provides them with unique information, insight or entertainment on a topic that interests them. This topic falls into an Instagram niche category. 

Instagram niche categories can include health and fitness, animals, cars, and sports. But then there are multiple sub-layers to these niches. Take for instance health and fitness. There could be accounts focusing on high-intensity training, bodybuilding products, workout videos. There could even be further sub layers below that, such as high intensity training for women, for men, for teams etc. You get the point. 

In order to grow your Instagram following, it must fit into a clearly identified niche. If your page is to do with your business - you should already be aware of your niche if your Instagram account is. Its okay if you don't yet - but consider the above when you're brainstorming who you will be targetting ongoingly to follow your page.

How to find your Instagram niche?

On finding these people, if you’re targeting a particular niche you should personally be a part of that niche in some shape or form. That way you can ask yourself the question - where do I go to find this type of content in this niche? If this is your business account - then you should know the niche you are targeting. Not just because you will be dedicating time to creating, finding, posting content, but also because you understand the characteristics of the follower you are trying to attract.

As you find these people, the goal is to affect their emotional state with your content. That way - whether you are motivating or entertaining them - the bond that they have with your page will become stronger. Increasing the likelihood that they will engage with your instagram content, and continue to follow over long periods of time. 

Instagram Niche: Where to Start?

If you are looking for a niche to build an Instagram account around, ask yourself some of these questions: what are my interests and hobbies? What am I passionate about? What type of accounts do I follow? Why do I follow them? What makes me love these accounts? What was the last picture I loved? What was the last picture that I tagged a friend in? What was the last picture that motivated me? What do I find funny?

No niche is too big or small every niche has a following, you just need to find the followers. They are all there.

For example: I enjoy interior design, and I love seeing new spaces. Some of my favourite accounts for this are @digsanddwellings, @myinterior, @thetmrw.

The reason I absolutely love these accounts is because I have a massive interest in home renovations and seeing how creative people can get with their living spaces. The things I enjoy most about these Instagram accounts is that they source the coolest interiors, provide tonnes of info in their comments, post regularly, and they are passionate about what they’re posting. That is why I follow them.

These accounts elicit an emotional response from me because I love what they post. Therefore not only do I follow them, I CONTINUE to follow them because the content they are posting brings me joy.

If you are struggling to figure out what niches and groups you fit into, look into what type of accounts you follow and ask yourself why you follow them? If you are passionate about them, you know that you will have fun.

On the other hand I have zero interest in cars. Besides the fact that the ones I like tend to be really expensive, I know absolutely nothing about them. I would never start an Instagram about cars, I follow zero accounts about cars. They aren’t my passion.

So would I go and start an Instagram account about cars? Probably not.

Just because I saw someone had 1 million followers on their cars account, that doesn’t mean I am going to go start an account on cars.

Find an interest that you love. Identify the niche category that it falls into, and build around that. If you are not passionate about that topic, you will lose interest fast and it will be harder to grow your account. Of course, if you want to grow your account faster, you can always buy real Instagram followers from instahulk! 

So what are the BEST and MOST PROFITABLE Instagram Niches?

  • Health and Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Travel 
  • Business 
  • Fashion

Do you operate in any of these niches? You are in luck! 

Once you have found your niche, we can assist in driving high-quality followers to your Instagram account or even driving highly engaged followers to like your content.