Real Instagram Followers - All You Need to Know

Today, no business can afford to ignore the impact of social media on how we live and do business. Brands all over the world, both large and small are leveraging social media marketing to increase their return on investment. The rise of visual content has shifted marketing efforts and the benefits are most apparent on Instagram. Here are some of the benefits of increasing your Instagram followers.

Increase Engagement and Build a Community

One of the main benefits of using Instagram is its ability to attract engaged traffic. According to several research findings, Instagram tops the list of social channels that drive the most engaged traffic. Moreover, Instagram helps brands to engage with their audiences on the social platform, increasing the chances for repeat business.

Increase Website Traffic

The ability to add clickable links to your Instagram profile and other content you publish allows you to increase traffic to your website and other channels. With increased engagement across other channels such as Facebook and Twitter, creating and building a solid profile can benefit your site’s visibility and ultimately improve sales.

Build Trust

People buy from brands they trust and one of the significant benefits Instagram follower growth is that it can help you to build trust. It’s not uncommon for photos to be created by customers before being curated by brands. These types of pics influence shoppers' purchase decisions because they build trust in potential shoppers. When compared to generic/brand photos, shoppers tend to lean towards photos created by real Instagram followers to help them make purchase decisions. In addition to getting free content, you also get the opportunity to feature your customers in the marketing process and make them feel like an essential part of your brand. There’s also no harm in encouraging future engagement by having customers submit their photos and, with their permission, use it for your own branding.

Know How Content Will Perform Beforehand

The last thing you need is to invest in Instagram content that will perform. While you can always move quickly and change photos according to customer feedback, Instagram allows you to know how content will perform ahead of time.

When choosing user-generated content for your campaigns, you can measure the results of how it was received and get feedback before spending money for ads or posting photos on your website. This means you can choose photos that received the most positive reviews and feedback and then display them on your site rather than picking random pictures with unpredictable performance records.

Bottom Line

Instagram allows you integrate user-generated content, repurpose valuable content, connect across channels, and improve engagement as well as conversion rates. Statistics show that there is still much less competition on Instagram as compared to sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Businesses that have embraced Instagram have a competitive advantage over their counterparts that have yet to incorporate it into their marketing strategy. Moreover, businesses that are taking advantage of Instagram will more likely reach their audience faster than with other social media sites where competition is much bigger.