Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Grow My Instagram Account?

We live in a social media world. Instagram has over 90 million people actively using their platform EVERY SINGLE DAY. Whether you are an individual, an artist, a small business or large business - Instagram is a vital platform for you to expose your work to individuals who want to see it. If you have 0 followers, Instagram might seem like a big waste of time. But that's where InstaHulk comes in. We will work with you to grow the numbers of followers and likes your page deserves and help you solidify your presence on Instagram! 

Does Having Many Followers Help My Business?

Of course, it does. Having a number of social followers builds social proof. Have you ever been in the following situation - you log into Instagram and see a page that has 10 followers follow you. Immediately you think - "I'm not going to follow them because no one else does!" But then you see a page with 100k followers and you follow them. Why? Because everyone else is. Obviously, something that they are posting is interesting. That's social proof. Having followers and likes helps your business develop that. 

What Are The Quality of Your Followers?

When you purchase followers from InstaHulk, they are 100% real and active. We use a mixture of advertising across our own networks and social media growth hacks to drive interested followers to your page. 

Why Choose Us?

As discussed on our homepage - we have been growth hacking social media since MySpace over 10 years ago. The first and original social media network. We were involved with growing pages for artists and celebrities quickly and effectively. From there, we moved onto Facebook. And now we have landed on Instagram. We have been growing Instagram pages for over 7 years - many of the large accounts you follow, we have probably worked with :-) 

How Long Does it Usually Take to Receive the Followers or Likes?

24-48 hours. Forget all the bullshit sites that try to get you to enter your Instagram handle password and all kinds of personal information. All we need from you is A: an email to contact you and B: an account handle so we know where to drive traffic. No passwords - no personal information. 

Can I Get My Account Banned? 

Absolutely not. InstaHulk only uses the safest and most secure methods to deliver likes and followers to your Instagram account. We have worked with 100's of celebrities and large pages around the world - we do not break any Instagram rules or terms of service and operate in a complete transparent manner, keeping your account safe and secure.

Why Am I Losing Followers?

Its part and parcel when it comes to buying followers. Unfortunately, Instagrams algorithm can pick up on such a rush of traffic and followers coming to your page, and penalize the followers. However, InstaHulk offers a 30-day refill policy.