Real Instagram Likes
Real Instagram Likes

Real Instagram Likes

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This option gives you the number of new Instagram likes or views to your account over a 30 day period! 

We don't do anything half-assed here. You'll receive the number of likes/views DAILY for the next 30 days. That's right. You'll have the services of our team for 30 days, driving engagement to your page. The more followers you have, the more this number will be as results tend to snowball. So check out some of our package deals if your followers need a top up too. 

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Are you tired of posting amazing content and not getting any likes or engagement on your posts? If no one is liking and engaging then how the hell are you ever going to convert that engagement into sales? You've come to the right place. 

InstaHulk has been in the social media game for over 10 years. We have offices in both Australia and the United States and have been developing social media strategies for a variety of celebrities and Instagram influencers for years. Some of our clients are people that you are probably following right now

We are a 100% legally registered company, which means that we won't disappear tomorrow (like a lot of our questionable counterparts). 

We aim to always deliver the best quality product possible, and we actually give a shit about your brand and the growth of your social media presence. 

Let us massively grow your audience so you can sit back and focus on producing amazing quality content. We will drive traffic to your page that likes and engages with your posts, every single day. One thing that our loyal customers are always talking about is how the number of likes we are driving to their page on a daily basis assists in pushing their posts to the discover page.

This is because the way the Instagram algorithm works is, the more engagement your posts get, the more likely you are to be pushed their where your engagement will compound even more! 

So you are not only buying likes from us - you are investing in your brand with genuine growth, real engagement and much more. 

We have hundreds of clients who have skyrocketed their accounts with bigger packages, or even follower and like packages that include a combination of both followers and likes.  Within a few weeks, they've managed to secure thousands of extra followers and likes, and even companies or brands wanting to leverage their following for influencer marketing. 

That’s all from the power of buying likes and followers from InstaHulk. 

So when you’re ready, scroll up, select the number of likes you're interested in buying, and click ‘add to cart’. After that, we’ll be in touch shortly and deliver the followers within 24 hours!

Any questions feel free to check out our frequently asked questions.

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